Structural Health Monitoring Made Easy without Complicated and Expensive Setup

A to Z Solution for monitoring important indicators of any civil structure

Dynamic Features & Vibration

Strain, Displacement, Crack & Load

Wireless & Versatile Solutions

Structural Health Monitoring for versatile projects

Design of instrumentation protocol depending on your project

Consulting and education regarding data interpretation in connection with structural aspects

Dynamic features, vibration and earthquake monitoring with our OMAway accelerometers, software for Operational Modal Analysis and web application

Deformation and crack with a variety of products depending on the project and cost considerations

Strains / Loads

Wireless, versatile networks for transmitting and receiving data seamlessly

Complete solution on Structural Health Monitoring

Monitor dynamic features and vibration in any structure. OMAway is a suitable combination of Accelerographs and a compatible Operational Modal Analysis software that any Engineer can operate without any prior experience.

Monitor geotechnical aspects like water pore pressure, inclination and deformation.

Monitor deformation, cracks, strain and load.

Set up networks, install and forget them but they won’t forget you if your attention is needed

Make your built environment safe and intelligent

We do not just sell monitoring equipment We provide you a complete solution for SHM

Our company sold or installed equipment in dozens of SHM projects

Monitor your projects faster and efficiently

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